Michigan Osprey

One Early Morning in Kensington MetroPark

One of the biggest, badest set of menacing looking talons in all the land, has returned – Osprey in Michigan.

The early morning air was crisp and chilly to my hands, and also it seemed to have an operational effect my camera equipment. There was a slight mist on the water’s surface and off in the distance the mist became a transparent milky white that appeared to be sandwiched between the bare tree tops and the water; seagulls circling low to the water’s surface disappeared as each gull darted in and out of the thick white mist.

Spring Arrival of the Michigan Osprey

It wasn’t long before my camera equipment swung into action. A large shape menacing bird of prey Michigan Osprey in flight was heading my way with a trail of squawking seagulls chasing close behind. It was the infamous Osprey. The Michigan Osprey had caused a great deal of alarm in other resident birds living on the lake; claiming to be king of the domain until the Osprey with its massive and intimidating flight divide the fog.

Michigan Osprey

Arrival of the Michigan Osprey 2015

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