Once Upon Another Eden

“Down by the river” exists a group of mysterious clouds; these clouds are members of a larger galactic host. They are on an epic journey transversing countless galaxies over unmeasurable lengths of time; transcending multitudes of dimensions; drawing closer to their destination; the outer realms of “DayStar.” Their unsuspected intrusions into many domains incite fear, even to self-declared gods of Earth. The mysterious clouds revealed to me, they are only known by DayStar, that they respect only DayStar, and only DayStar, know them, by name… “FirstSons!”
FirstSons, First Encounter… Video Trailer.


Once Upon Another Eden - FirstSons

A “wiz-kid”—named ThirdSon, has gained the favor of powerful noble beings masquerading as clouds down by a hidden river. These beings are dominant enough to threaten our resident evils known as Satan. But as ThirdSon is about to discover, Earth’s sun is not the largest in the universe; our sun is a dot compared to other suns; likewise, Satan’s power is minuscule compared to what FirstSons have revealed of themselves.

ThirdSon has also learned that their calm cloud-like demeanor, laws of morality, magnanimity & useful truths, does not prohibit them to eradicate injustice & uproot evils where ever encountered.  

They are vast, some of them reside far in the forefront of their great migration; a legendary saga, stretching across galaxies. Other CloudHosts in the rear, are passing through our galaxy many light years behind those in the forefront. In their passing through, it is this branch of FirstSons that have taken interest and taught me many, many esoteric things.  

Enter the “DayStar!”
One strange, dark starless night “down by the river” members of FirstSons suddenly appeared in the sky to my left, their attention was intensely focused toward something massive of great importance approaching from both our right. After a moment, one member turned to look directly at me and sternly encouraged me, to never forget…”Remember the DayStar!” he said.

This is when I first heard the word “DayStar”, and in that instant my attention immediately shifted to my right—to what I can best describe, as a sun of gargantuan size that expanded to fill half the visible sky in view; from infinite bottom to the height of infinite space. Further, to my great astonishment, I sensed this was no ordinary sun, I  concluded that this SUN, was a being of immeasurable admiration, might, magnanimity & consequence… this SUN …was alive!
—ThirdSon Chronicles

Fifty years later, I wrote wisdom from the river’s sky, who through symbols of nature, shared their common laws.
 ThirdSon and the River’s Sky – Excerpts


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