Monarch Butterfly – Michigan

The Most Beautiful Stained Glass Hand Crafted Sculptured Monarch?

In one of my many excursions into the hidden forest of Jimme’ I would often find myself taking a turn and walking down an unplanned path. The path I chose this day was narrow, with tall grasses and loose foliage hanging along both sides of the ever narrowing trail.

It was a dull lit day with a sustained overcast due to endless clouds that covered the sky. As I continued further my attention was drawn just up the trail to some movement on my left. Slowly moving closer, I noticed a small repetitious fluttering motion, I could see that it was a Monarch Butterfly (the trained eye would identify this butterfly as a Viceroy-distinguished by the black line across the bottom wings.)


Monarch Butterfly Michigan

Monarch Butterfly Finger Pointing Toward the Sky


I immediately began snapping as many photos as I could because it was rare for a Monarch/Viceroy to allow me to get so close and not be spooked by my presents.

Occasional sun-rays would penetrate the clouded overcast and provide  periods of  welcomed sunlight.

After returning home and starting to review the photos, I did not  notice anything striking about the butterfly. However, when my wife looked at the photographs she got rather excited. She asked… “doesn’t this branch look like a hand and the butterfly are sitting on the tip of the index finger?”

On my second look at all the photos, yes indeed, the branch does look like a hand and it does look like the Monarch was perched on the tip of a finger pointing skyward.

The whole scene, with the sunlight serving to back-light the butterfly wings, looked more like a handcrafted, stained glass artist sculpture.

A Most Beautiful Monarch Butterfly Scene

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