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A sunny, but rather chilly morning with a slight breeze… I stood in the hidden forest of Jimmie’ on a small knoll looking out pass several large trees. My sight fixated on a large gaggle of geese off in the distance, numbering in the hundreds, some on land, others waddling about on the seashore.

My attentions drifted further down the shoreline, where I noticed an equally large gathering flock of herons. I observed both colonies of birds the geese and herons, for several moments as each group interacted among themselves. Both groups of birds with vary different characteristics are sharing and occupying the same space, time, and resources without laying claim to territory.


diversity earth nations1

diversity earth nations 1


Then as a common  occasion, the voice of silence speaks directly to my mind. Such times the River’s Sky takes such opportunity to dialog on undiluted truths… “these are kingdoms, different kingdoms side-by-side sharing the same water, yet they seek not to exterminate each other.”



diversity earth nations2

diversity earth nations 2


I understood this statement to mean these birds are representations of kingdoms that are not of earth, but, the kingdoms are of another place much different from the volatile kingdoms of earth.  In my many descent-level travels, I witnessed such a diverse kingdom once. Its empire stretched beyond its solar system and the inhabitants occupied every planet, asteroid, and moon. They were benevolent and conciliatory in their actions; the most powerful toward the lesser; the musk-ox thunderously stomped along the outer edge of galactic devices in its movement, kept a keen eye on the lowly prairie dog to be unharmed.

Here, kingdoms of earth are quite the opposite; forged by size, shape, and color of men. All religions, all kingdoms of earth and their proposed treaties for peace represent covert continual deceit, declaration of silent murder genocide, a perpetual existence that seeks to exterminate all other kingdoms fueled by religion and color of men? In testament to this statement is countless glorious ruins, ancient & modern, from the bottom of the sea, and found on every continent. Here in plain site, across eons of time, lay all the evidence… that only cannibalistic kingdoms inhabit earth, all the plundered ruins of past and pillage of current nations (the stronger pillaging the weak) support this claim.

Stolen Titles – All earth kingdoms proclaim the title of “Nation;” but does the historic blood signature bare this out? Or, following a long trail of earth’s blood signature we can conclude… earth is not the place as some claim it to be. This place called earth, bares a stolen title in resemblance only of another far away place also known as… “The Earth.” In this far away place, the geese co-exist with the herons.

All earths are not equal.

In silence I hear deeper truth

— ThirdSon and the River’s Sky


Nature Photography – by Ike Austin

Nature Photography that is Therapy for the Soul

ThirdSon and the River’s Sky
images of birdsThirdSon and the River’s Sky


  • As a kid, I spent an enormous amount of time down by the river. I was drawn like a magnet to the many sounds of nature that filled the air-the tides rumbling ashore, the faint call of seagulls echoing in the distant background. I would remain there all day under the pretense that I was fishing. I would walk the shores for miles, moving from one spot to the next. I later discovered that the sky above this river was alive. 
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