RedTailed Hawk – Michigan, the Noble


The Hawk, a Symbol of the Highest


A Nature Photography of RedTail Hawk Nobility

Suddenly, a young juvenile Red-tail hawk raises its wings, high above its head, creating a most spectacular and grandeur posture. The majestic bird is fixated on something far off into the distance, perhaps on some unsuspecting prey. With a laser like focused stare, a natural small glare of sunlight adorned the top of the birds pupil, with a rightfully placed star in its eye …the bird rose.

For this picturesque moment, the Red-tailed Hawk is a magnificent statue of nobility.

Nature Photography, this Hawk is a portrait of envious kings of the earth, and to those who watch from hidden dominions; with wings that would capture the attention of Gods, lesser gods, and the admiration of men.  He would be drawn, painted, sculptured, and claimed as the royal symbol of many nations. Even among those who proclaim themselves to be of the sons of the living god, they too have claimed the majesty of the Red-tail as a symbol of their own.


Nature Photography Redtailed Hawk


The Red-tailed Hawk is legendary among Native Americans. These people were of the few civilizations of earth who saw the true purpose of nature; as a manifestation, a representation, a visual form of communication from a higher form of life reaching out toward all who have the gift to behold. And those rare individuals that remain, those few who still interpret the esoteric symbolism of unpolluted nature, they are in constant visual, silent communion.  When such persons visit nature they stand in respect, because they are aware they are witnessing a flow of  living words being spoke by… the creator.

̶̶̶—ThirdSon and the River’s Sky


A Tribute:

Nature Photography Red-tailed Hawk

The earth is much mis-understood, it is not what you have been told.

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Nature Photography RedTailed Hawk 

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