Michigan Sandhill Crane – Nature’s New Lead Trumpeter

Michigan Sandhill Crane is King of the Noise!  


Sandhill Crane Michigan Bird by ike austin

Sandhill Crane Michigan Bird by ike austin


No other bird of any size can bellow out a louder noisy echo than the Sandhill Crane. More notably, a pair of Sandhill Cranes. The loudest title among birds use to belong to the Canadian Geese.  But in more recent years, a new claim to become nature’s head trumpeter has shifted to another of our feathered friends. Yes, a new king of the noise with at least five times the volume, that carries ten times the distance, and in unison, in perfect synchronization between a pair of cranes… the birds, are relatively new comers to the Michigan landscape. Learn more about the Michigan Sandhill Crane.   You can listen to the calls of the cranes here… Calls of the Cranes



Nature Photography by Ike Austin – Michigan
Photography that is Therapy for the Soul
Michigan Birds

nature photography - michigan

Nature Photography by Ike Austin – Michigan
Photography that is Therapy for the Soul 

Michigan Birds


National Geographic

2011 Editors Choice Winning Photo

Birds Photography Night Heron

National Geographic 2011
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