Michigan Birds – A Lesson Learned in Jimme’

I was standing one early morning facing the rising sun. Suddenly, a creature that was calmly gliding upon the surface of the water attracted my attention, it came to a complete stop and from a completed stationary position… exploded vertically straight up out of the water into the air. The being–I say being because an exchange of wisdom had taken place during this incident, in the forest of Jimme’ things look like animals but they are not.  This was no ordinary Mallard Duck like the one’s back at home where I come from.

Mallard Duck Michigan

Mallard Duck Michigan

All other flying beings that I had witnessed required a long run-way for a good running start to get air-born. This being was able to launch itself straight up into the air from a liquid substance, mind you just minutes before, the being was submerged under the water and not drowning. So, from under water, to the water’s surface, into the air and burst into sustained flight to go from one end of the forest to the other side in seconds. Traveling over many ground ridden obstacles it was able to avoid.

“You wonder,” the being said to my mind as it flew pass me, how I am able to not be handicapped by the three mediums–water, air and ground. Read More Here … Michigan Mallard Duck

Therapy to the Soul Photography by Ike Austin


ThirdSon and the River’s Sky
images of birdsThirdSon and the River’s Sky


  • As a kid, I spent an enormous amount of time down by the river. I was drawn like a magnet to the many sounds of nature that filled the air-the tides rumbling ashore, the faint call of seagulls echoing in the distant background. I would remain there all day under the pretense that I was fishing. I would walk the shores for miles, moving from one spot to the next. I later discovered that the sky above this river was alive. 
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