Bird Photography by Ike Austin

For all traumatic experiences, a passage through nature can sometimes offer surprising psychological results.

There is much testimony over the ages and from many sources who have written about spiritual benefits during their exposure to nature.


Bird Photography

Bird Photography

It is with this purpose that I have assembled a collections of bird photography of Michigan Birds.

I hope that those who view the bird photos find a renewed strength, experience a reduced weight of personal burdens and gain a new enlightenment that will result in real & permanent benefit to the soul.

“The silence of nature sometimes has the effect to alter the mind. Quite often when I have come close to nature, I am transformed from the uncivilized to those that are nearer heaven, being among speechless nature, I discovered I am amongst the truly civilized.” —ThirdSon and the River’s sky

Enjoy this collection of… Bird Photography that is truly Therapy for the Soul.