Birds of Michigan – Birds Eye View

There is a sense that he who rules the skies, rule the land.

In visiting the many Michigan Metro Parks over the past thirty-five years, and walking the many off the-beaten-path nature trails, I witnessed some of my most interesting sightings of nature and a plethora of birds of Michigan.

The birds of Michigan and nature has not disappointed, even against the onslaught and wholesale destruction of over seventy-five percent of Michigan wetlands, nature rises above the occasion delivers a visual spectacle for all who visit her and wish to be enlightened.

The birds still dart, sore and glide across the skies keeping a watchful eye upon the earth and it’s less than faithful stewards below, and to some, with a slight tip of their wing, and looking at me with the eyes of a man, they covertly signal their sign of approval… I quickly snap a shot to freeze the precious moment of this rare invitation of acceptance to later gain deeper insight into the many mysteries of birds and nature.

One early morning deep in one of the hidden forests I visit, one gigantic bird glided pass my position where I stood at the edge of steep drop-off, this birded looked to be hundreds of years old an big and long as a the box car of a train forty to fify feet in length.  He passed me in total silence, we made eye contact, I heard him speaking…

Whomever destroys his own habitat and that of others… What is man?” —ThirdSon and the River’s Sky

Birds of Michigan

Whomever destroys his own habitat and that of others... What is man?

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