Nature Photography – Michigan Birds

“Therapy for the Soul”

Nature speaks in silent actions, take a walk, the soul will hear.– ThirdSon

Everyone can hear, everyone listen… to nature

Try to enjoy the many nature photography and wildlife photos in this first gallery. Open your mind and elaborate on any thoughts and feelings that may be stimulated in your mind. In my personal walk in secluded wooded areas, my observations of nature have truly been therapy to my soul.

Nature photography and bird pictures appear help to relieve stress at least in my case anyway.

“The silence of nature has the effect to clean the mind of constant noise pollution. Pure sounds and images of nature alter the soul, when you  come close to nature, stress is transformed to calm, when you leave behind the noisy hustle and bustle, you are now amongst the truly civilized.” —ThirdSon

I wish everyone who view these nature photos, benefit in a way that nature intends you to. Visit the ThirdSon Nature Photography Michigan Bird Blog

National Geographic’s Annual 2011 Photo Competition
This Michigan photo won editors’ favorite in the NG 2011 photo contest.

Nature Photography Michigan

Nature Photography Michigan

Go See Here: National Geographic Photo Contest 2011

Therapy for the Soul  – Photography that Benefits the Mind

Take  first nature walks slowly, let the silence and the sounds of nature; the rustling of small animals in a pile of leaves, the sound of various mating bird calls off in the distance, this will permit the rare occasional moments when nature will attempt to transfer its esoteric messages from nature to your mind.

Mentally relax and pay attention to what mysteriously draw your attention, this is often natures way of presenting a needed solution or esoteric communication that is meant for you at a critical time in your life. Or, it may simply be a life lesson that nature has detected you can benefit.

Physical needs are not the area of focus during your stroll among nature. Yet strange enough, the way your mind will be altered, can change your life for the better. The mind controls perception thus, emotion can impact health.

As you continue to walk and look around, you will become casually drawn deeper into the silence.

Encrypted messages of nature can strangely manifest themselves in the form of a small creatures. A message might be revealed in the the manner  in which the animal might sit on a branch looking at you in a peculiar  way or  when and how the creature poke its head from out the cavity of a fallen tree stump—you may suddenly feel a non-verbal understand of something related to life in general or about your own personal life, or thoughts buried deep in your mind you thought were secret, but you will discover you have a new revelation on the subject and to your surprise you will began to realize that… nature knows.

A large raptor circling high above in a cloudless blue sky may emanate a message to your mind providing you a view of life from a higher perspective other than your ordinary ground level viewpoint.

Michigan Birds – Nature in Silence

So by planning or just by an act of spontaneity, go take that walk among nature. Get a very different understanding of animals—as we have been taught to call them. But, what do they think of us?

nature photography michigan

Is man earth's best friend?

Observe the forest creatures behavior for several visits and see if your perception of animals as being simple emotionless, soulless and mindless creatures will change. Don’t try to force your perspective of animals, just see if your opinion will naturally morph into a different perspective after a few short visits and close observations.

Go and see if the pollutions of the mind are clarified and the complexities of life become simplified—the answers to what you need is in the walk among animals—so called.

The Things Nature Tell Us

Nature speaks to us all, in silence I hear a deeper truth—ThirdSon

When possible, grab that camera take a photo and freeze some of those moments of your experience for future reference and sharing.

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