Michigan Birds  – Nature Photography by Ike Austin

Enjoy the many photography nature and wildlife shots, listen to the thoughts and feelings that these images place in your heart. In my personal walk with nature it has been truly therapy to my soul.  These nature photography and bird pictures will help relieve stress and help you clear your mind from the noise of everyday life that prevents us all from hearing and seeing the pure sounds and images of nature which has the capacity to benefit and alter the soul in a positive manner.

Michigan Birds

Michigan Birds

Nature Photograpy That Brings Therapy to the Soul – I hope these photos serve your health the same.

Nature speaks a silent language all of it’s own. Walk, then wait for those precious and rare moments when nature will reveal itself to you, a personal message crafted for your own benefit.  It may be communicated by a bird, insect or larger four legged mammal. It might be passed to you from the ripples on the surface of a lake or arrive to your soul upon distant low and muffled thundering emulating over the horizon.

Michigan birds are also messengers of nature.  I have been the recipient of nature’s many lessons and accumulated, time ripened wisdom. Kensington Metro Park – Jimme’ section. 



nature photography - michigan

Nature Photography by Ike Austin – Michigan
Photography that is Therapy for the Soul 

Birds Photography Night Heron

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Nature Photography By Ike Austin

Michigan Birds Dialogue with Nature

The decisions of one, affects all—ThirdSon and the River’s Sky

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