Wildlife in the Wetlands Art Prints – Michigan

Michigan’s Wildlife in the Wetlands is teaming with a diversity of life in great profusion. These watercolor reproduction art prints are created as a tribute to Michigan Wetlands. Using art to transfer the ambiance of the wetlands into the home, to raise the level of awareness & appreciation of the rich, natural, valuable, and critical role that our wetlands contribute in sustaining Michigan’s beauty.  Hence the birth of… “Wildlife in the Wetlands” Art Series… a journey in pictures.

By IAustin – Nature Photographer
Print Title: Wildlife in the Wetlands
Medium: Archival Fine Art Paper 100% cotton museum grade
Printing Method: Giclee – Insures archival longevity  & quality aesthetics
Method: Watercolor reproduction art prints
Markings: Signed by Artist
Limited Editions: 200 hand numbered
First Release Date: 9-20-17

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