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Of Sun & Darkness, Storms & Blue Sky and Water - A Lesson Learned in Jimme'


I was standing one early morning facing the rising sun. Suddenly, a creature that was calmly gliding upon the surface of the water attracted my attention, it came to a complete stop and from a completed stationary position... exploded vertically straight up out of the water into the air. The being--I say being because an exchange of wisdom had taken place during this incident, in the forest of Jimme' things look like animals but they are not. 


All other flying beings that I had witnessed required a long run-way or a good running start to get air-born. This being was able to launch itself straight up into the air from a liquid substance, mind you just minutes before, the being was submerged under the water and not drowning. So, from under water, to the water's surface, into the air and burst into sustained flight to go from one end of the forest to the other side in seconds. Traveling over many ground ridden obstacles it was able to avoid.


"You wonder," the being said to my mind as it flew pass me, how I am able to not be handicapped by the three mediums--water, air and ground. 


These to me are the same as Sun and Darkness, their is nowhere in the forest of Jimme' where one is found without the other. SO, one should accept them as reality (accept them both as one) and master them both.


If one will survive one must understand the Sun and Darkness, the water and air--although these elements are in contrast to each other and different yes, but they are variables to those of wisdom.


Variables? I asked.  If one gains the wisdom and learn about the properties of water, they will not drown the being responded. SO, he continues, if one is ignorant of the properties of water he will step upon the water's surface  and sink. On the other hand, if he has gained knowledge of water, such a person can float upon it's surface... variable! All things vary depending on your knowledge of the thing..."variable" ... you see? The less knowledge the more trouble, the more sinking I thought.  Correct--the being was like others in Jimme' they are in direct contact with my mind.


SO, now I continued... with proper knowledge I can fly above the terrain of life vs crawling about it going from place to place encountering every evil dark, unsuspecting snag along the way. All of my current life situations are a direct reflection of my intellect? Life continuously reflect what I know and what I don't know. If I am in a situation of emotional darkness, hurt or under water, slavery, destituttion, this represent a lack of knowledge on my part and all I need is to gain knowledge to vary the situation to any degree I wish, correct?


Correct! the being responded.  


Likewise if you look upon sun and darkness from the perspective of they being subject to the variable concept, you can also pass between the two entities based on your current level of knowledge? But, be warned, life is a long lesson to learn and death can be the result of cursory observation.


One must accumulate and maintain knowledge over great spans of time, I have learned and never forgot a thousand years of knowledge passed from generation to generation to perform as you have observed me today.


Tread carefully in your pursuit of knowledge, remember it is the variable that determines the amount of good and evil, suffering and happiness in one's life and in your pursuit remember that water can drown. The Sun seems like an ally only because you are not to close or to far from it, to close and you will burst into flames (evil) to far, and you will freezed(evil) you must learn to vary things or balance just right. Likewise all life's situations can be detrimental and all life's circumstances can be varied or controlled by knowledge you MUST learn the benefit of the balance, to much excess is fire or ice, meaning even a good thing can bring evil with excess.


Their are many lessons and many variables to be mastered.


A thousand generations of wisdom make one eye, was the last thought the being had placed into my mind. Knowledge IS the true money. He that has knowledge lacks nothing. In the valley of the blind, the one eye'd thing is king. One eye is better than a thousand bars of gold. "A thousand generations of knowledge, of one eye is of more value to a person than all the gold in a thousand worlds he slowly said." I would not trade all the gold in your world for the knowledge of flying over troubled waters. I would not trade my knowledge of flight for all the gold from a thousand worlds. Do you understand me? He asked. I fly over and avoid a many troubles, gold is not TRUE wisdom! He answered the question himself.


... "remember the daystar!" echoed from the distance he had flown and vanished into the horizon.


Nature Photography - Michigan Birds - Identification

Photo Taken: Erie Metro Park, Michigan


Water Fowl

Name: Mallard Duck

Anus Platyrhynchos


About the Mallard Duck


Appearance: The Mallard Duck (of often refered to as the dabbling Duck) is a versatile bird, it can survive in almost any environment.

Adult: Male Mallard Color is Dark forest green head with a variety of wing designs on it's covert and bars plumage. The female mallard is typically of brownish plumage.

Flight Characteristics: Swift and quick wings in flight and typically flapping their wings to make darting and sharp maneuvers. The Mallard is one of the few birds that can perform a VERTICLE TAKE-OFF from the waters surface, most other birds require a running start.

Mating Habits: The Male Mallard Duck (called the Drake) start courtship as early as April, listen for their mating quack calls. The Mallard Duck will select one mate (female called the Hen) for the entire year, sometimes extending into several years..

Migration: Most Mallards winter over in northern climates..

Nesting: The Mallard Duck will construct a nest 10-12 inches in diameter in low growing hollow stumps etc hidden from predator view. Incubates 9 whitish eggs for appx 26-30 days. Young are feed by regurgitations and independence is gained in as little as 30-35 days.

Off Spring: (Called ducklings)

A Group of Ducks is call a badelynge, bunch, brace, flock, paddling, raft or team.

Feeding: Day hunter. vegetation and grains.

Call: Very loud and quacky rapid quack, quack sound.

Nature Photography that is Therapy for the Soul - by Ike Austin - Michigan Birds