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Great White Egret
Great White Egret

Ike Austin


A Stranger in Jamme'


I wrap all my deceit in white. I sell deceit throughout the earth. I do so without opposition and in fact, great invitation. Because all mankind is brain washed that everything white must be good, I sell to gangs and governments alike.


All mankind in their belief that the darker something is, the more evil it is, this makes my whiteness a superior disguise.


I sell poison food to kids, in the Forest of Jamme' I am known as nDakle. I sell poison food to adults, in the earth they call me by many brands.


I profit without regard to the welfare of other fellow inhabitants. My outer appearance is white, my heart black off the insidious misery I cause others.


I can rule a color influenced earth for ever. I can rule those that are color worshipers without gathering arms or building armies. It is easy to rule the more ignorant, those who sort by color, those without great intellect.


I do this from my blackened throne, this isolated darken land hidden away is known by a only a few beings as..."the seventh descent."


I see you looking directly at me, I hear my won thoughts echo from your mind, I do not know how you can see me, but not many have beheld my existence, consider yourself to be among the very few..."ThirdSon."


Astonishing I thought! This being that I stumbled upon while transcending between lower descent levels was one of the most astonishing as I witnessed. This pure white benevolent looking creature, did not so much as lift a feather of concern at my mysterious invasion into his hidden domain.


Suddenly, just as silently as the portal of this vision opened, it slowly faded away, as it did so, I took an un- broken non-blinking stare at this being.


I knew what he meant, I understood his logic. I know because I live among his many exploits of deceit that touch every child, family, nation and the whole earth.


Deceit is the gospel that has produced permanent false truth. Everyone that claim lineage to deity are not. The earth is a mystery to me no more, everything in the earth is represented by false claimants.


As I returned to my descent I myself slowly materialized back into descent level zero--physical earth, I heard the distant thunder reverberate in low toned deep muffled echoes...


..."remember the DayStar."


and then he,the one with the black evil heart wrapped in white, after hearing the same thunderings, from his hidden descent, i heard him thinking... for those with moral intellect, I'll wrap myself... in light.


— ThirdSon and the River's Sky



Nature Photography - Michigan Bird Identification

Photo Taken: Kensington MetroPark, Michigan



Name: Great Egret

Ardea Alba


About the Great White Egret


Appearance: The Great Egret is a tall 3'-4' tall white, long plumage, long skinny legs, and long yellow bill, yellow eyes. In breeding, plumage is long and trailing.

Adult: Color is white, high breeding adult with green eye patch as shown

Juvenile: White

Flight Characteristics: Extended necks in flight and typically flap then glide to reach their intended destination.

Habitat: The Egret prefers open marshes and wetlands.

Mating Habits: The Great Egret mates for life.

Migration: From April to Mid-Octobe--south to north.

Nesting: White Egret will construct a rather large mounded nest made of branches in the tree tops. Incubates 3-5 eggs for appx 23-26 days. Younglings go in flight in about 50 days from days of birth.

Off Spring: (Called Egrets)

Feeding: Frogs, lizards, fish.

Call: Very loud fog horn sound.

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